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About Your Fitness Success

What if I snapped my fingers and I could grant you your ultimate fitness wish? Weight loss, muscle gain or strength.. How would you feel? Do you know what you would look like?   You’d feel great wouldn’t you? The reason why we do anything is for that feeling. That feeling of accomplishment. By Definition, […]

How to be skinny – Insulin Sensitivity

That is, If you want to I think you should know that the reason why so many people are overweight is because of eating too much. You’re thinking. “I don’t eat that much.”  Or “Duh.” Today, I wanted to write a little bit about science to help you better understand why skinny people are skinny. […]

Refuse To Feed Fear With Time

Notes: I shot 31 videos for my YouTube channel today! It was pretty exhausting, but super fun. I made a deadlift series and a kettlebell series. My previous video series was on the bench press and in case you’re interested here’s the first video on How to Bench Press Correctly. I’ll still be making random nutrition […]

Babies Look Like Zombies When They Learn How to Walk

The adult brain vs the mind of a baby, what’s major difference? My guess is that there’s more junk to sort through the grown up’s head. Decisions like: To work out or not workout, to eat carbs, not to eat carbs. What about learning a new skill, what’s your process like? What about learning how […]

Kill Your Multitasking

In the new book I’m reading, The One Thing, there’s this really interesting mention of research studies on the subject of multitasking.   Here’s the quote:   “After several years of studies, Nass and other Stanford researchers came to some disturbing conclusions. They found that the heaviest multitaskers — those who invariably said they could […]