13 Minutes – Life, Fitness, Snapchat, Ted Talk, Seth, Gary, blah Blah blah

13 minute – I’m grateful to be alive, I’m grateful to have the ability to to post this on facebook

12 minute – Most of what I do today won’t matter, and with such little time it’s hard to put into context what Gary Vaynerchuck said in his book #AskGaryVee . Most things don’t matter. hmmm.

11 minute – I have this Seth Godin photo quote on my desktop that says, “Most all, I’d measure this: Will they miss you when you’re gone?”

seth godin miss you

10 minute – I take my son through a workout in about 30 minutes, and I’m debating if I should workout with him.

9 minuteSnapchat is really cool, add me if you’re into that stuff.


8 minute – If you feel a need to learn Snapchat, John Lee Dumas shared this post with Cliff Ravencraft explaining how to use Snapchat. I’m sure people pay for this kind of information. Thanks Cliff!

7 minute – People have weak feet and if you want proper ankle flexibility, reduced lower back and foot problems, strengthen your feet. Coaches, trainers and fitness geeks: Dr Andreo Spina has this great video on how to do this.

6 minute – There’s never enough time in the day, and I could make a ton of excuses onto why I can’t do something. I just keep reminding myself that I have time for what I feel is important

5 – minute – Hustle, hard work and effort. Just like last night’s blog posts on work I decided why the hell not? This is my life’s work and I might as well push harder and get organized.

4 minute – I have this dream … or really a goal this year to do National Novel Writing Month in November. I remember this Ted Talk I listened to a few years ago from some dude that use to work at Google (Matt Cutts).

3 minute – 5000 words per hour. It’s an iPhone app. It’s a book I read that talked about Sprint writing. Almost like training hard for max effort deadlifts, but writing instead

2, 1, 0-minute mark – I have less than 30 seconds, and I’ll be done writing. This was fun, and I think I’ll default to this writing default exercise when I have nothing to write about. Now I’m thinking about the question contest I posted on Youtube… I got to get that done.. Hopefully this weekend.
As always, thanks for reading.