Kill Your Multitasking

In the new book I’m reading, The One Thing, there’s this really interesting mention of research studies on the subject of multitasking.


Here’s the quote:


“After several years of studies, Nass and other Stanford researchers came to some disturbing conclusions. They found that the heaviest multitaskers — those who invariably said they could focus like laser beams whenever they wanted — were terrible at various cognitive chores like organizing information, switching between tasks and discerning significance.” –LA Times



In the article there are some other cool quotes that catch my attention.


“They’re suckers for irrelevancy.”


“Everything distracts them.”


Talk about a sucker punch to the gut (that hurts!)  I’m probably borderline ADHD but I’ve always thought that being able to juggle multiple things was a skill worth building and keeping.


As it turns out, it’s not. But if you open your mind to the idea (assuming you don’t already agree), a split focus makes it so you can’t be as productive.


Now, we’re not talking about walking and chewing gum type of multitasking, I’m talking about high level, intense creative work or high stakes stuff.


You just can’t put your whole being if you got something else on your mind.


Okay out time


Thanks for Reading.


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