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The Harder I work, the More I live

“The Harder I work, the More I live.” George Bernard Shaw I read this from a Zen Pencils Comic Strip, issue 191: A Heroic Life . It was the one I was reading to my kids for their bedtime story. That line about hard work. It made me think about all that I’m doing. The “thing” […]

Creating A Life That Reflects Your Values

I was writing my daily newsletter and as I intermittently get distracted, I go to facebook.  I saw this this zen pencils post taking Calvin and Hobb’s creators words and turning into a beautiful comic. It’s serendipitous how the email I had just finished writing is the embodiment of what this comic zen pencils comic strip. […]

Forward Head Posture FIX Bonus Video #1

For today’s topic, I decided to give you guys a special bonus exercise to fix that dreadful forward head position. will cover   Forward Head Posture FIX Bonus Video #1 Click Here to see the video. Click here to learn about The #1 Muscle That Fixes Ugly Forward Head Posture. For a quick summary of […]


In today’s video, we will be going through a basic exercise to help remedy and fix our forward head posture. FIX FORWARD HEAD POSTURE EXERCISE Click Here to view the video: Before anything else, the key to fixing forward head position is number one, make sure you retain and practice good posture. An easy remedy […]