How to be skinny – Insulin Sensitivity

That is, If you want to

I think you should know that the reason why so many people are overweight is because of eating too much.

You’re thinking.

“I don’t eat that much.”  Or “Duh.”

Today, I wanted to write a little bit about science to help you better understand why skinny people are skinny. Or if you prefer, we can just use the word “lean.”

It is a more appealing word, who doesn’t want to be lean?

Well, here’s the deal.  In over simplistic terms, skinny lean people are more “insulin sensitive.” Their mechanism for managing blood sugar and energy balance works better than someone that is overweight.

I’m somewhat insulin insensitive.  So it’s no surprise that diabetes runs in my family.

If you happen to have the “fat gene,” or just have a tough time controlling your body weight and losing weight – I’m here to tell you that the reason is because you either broke your “skinny genes” or you have “fat genes.”

At this point, it really doesn’t matter because the solution is same for both situations.

I know that you want to get your fast metabolism back and that can only happen if you become “insulin sensitive again.”

So here’s how you do it.


It makes your body more insulin sensitive.

Want to put your insulin sensitive into overdrive?skinny

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