About Your Fitness Success

What if I snapped my fingers and I could grant you your ultimate fitness wish?

Weight loss, muscle gain or strength..

How would you feel?

Do you know what you would look like?



You’d feel great wouldn’t you?

The reason why we do anything is for that feeling. That feeling of accomplishment.

By Definition, that’s what success is.

If you read fast and you’re reading this line, I bet you anything that you’d have no idea what you’d look like but you know what you would feel like.

Intensity that feeling of what if.  Intensity in passion is what drive and motivates us to do anything. From fitness to business to relationships.

How much do you care?  Care enough to do something, because it’s feelings that drive us to not eat that cupcake.  It’s feelings that get us to drag our butts to the gym.

Don’t be logical, because logic won’t change you.

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