The 10 Things That Drain and Diminish Your Willpower

Do you know what most people don’t know about Willpower?

In fact, it’s actually quite obvious when you think about it.

When you think back to your moments of weakness, the reason why you failed to control yourself is because you ran out.

Did you know that Willpower is actually a limited resource?

Late night binge eating of sweet treats, chocolates, candies and ice cream is the result of depleted willpower. Now the question is, how do you build your will power?

It’s actually like what I said in this facebook post or this post with a Magic Card.

Gary Keller, in his book, The One Thing he mentions them.

What Do You Spend Your Will Power On? Here are Ten things…

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The 10 Things That Drain and Diminish Your Willpower

  1. Implementing new behavior
  2. Filtering distraction
  3. Resisting temptation
  4. Suppressing emotion
  5. Restraining aggression
  6. Suppressing impulses
  7. Taking tests
  8. Trying to impress others
  9. Coping with fear
  10. Doing something you don’t enjoy
  11. Selecting long term over short term rewards

..yeah I know I lied, there are 11.
Now that you’re more aware of what diminishes willpower, you may want to start considering what you spend it on.

More to come on this on the future emails

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