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The Morning Magic Monday Reset

Hey how’s it going? Yesterday I wrote about Dumbo’s Magic Feather I received while waiting in line at Disneyland with my my kids. If you’re not familiar with the story here’s the a one sentence summary [Spoiler Alert] What the Disney Dumbo Story is about: Dumbo is an elephant that can fly if he has […]

Who Are Your Friends?

  I had a blast this weekend, learning all kinds of fitness business stuff from this man here, Bedros Keuilian.  I got out of my shell and met some people , i think it’s called networking right? I’m not much for socializing and “networking,” but in order to reach MY next stage of development  I […]

Everything is Worse

Anxiety, nervousness and fear of failure is almost always worse in your mind than it is in real life.  If you really think about it, anxiety is really just a response to anticipation.  The fear is rarely real , real in the sense that you’re actually in physical danger.  It’s a combination of so many […]

The #1 Fear

I’m going to a break talking about fasting and instead talk about my new location today… So I’m in Irvine, California.  I survived the drive up down here from the bay area. Wrote a quick blog post about it in case you’d like to see some photos I took. Nervous, but overall pretty excited. I’m […]

The Bigger the Goal The Bigger The Adversity

“The bigger the dream the bigger the adversity.” –Lewis Howes “If your dreams do not scare you, they are too small.” – Richard Branson Note: this post has more grammatical errors than usual, so forgive me.   7:26am I got a pretty important workshop coming this weekend.  Kinda last minute business trip / Disneyland plans.  […]

The Wrong Kind of Flexibility

Today I’m going to talk about metabolism. To be really specific: metabolic inflexibility What this means is your ability to have a metabolism that can shift gears when necessary. Why is this important? Another way to view this is your ability to use other fuels when you’re low on carbs. What other fuels you may […]

How to Build Confidence, Shyness & Social Anxiety

Have you ever had to take an important test, for grade school, high school or college? Something that was dependent on you passing the class. So That if you failed the test you’d have to repeat the grade that you were in. It’s happened to me before. It makes you nervous. There’s this pressure that happens. When you create […]