Babies Look Like Zombies When They Learn How to Walk

The adult brain vs the mind of a baby, what’s major difference?

My guess is that there’s more junk to sort through the grown up’s head.

Decisions like:

To work out or not workout, to eat carbs, not to eat carbs.

What about learning a new skill, what’s your process like?

What about learning how to walk?

I wonder what a baby thinks when she’s learning how to walk.


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I bet you it’s something like this….

“Each step I take, the braver I get.”

Or maybe it’s something like,

“Everyone else is standing and walking, let me give this a try. Whoa, it’s kind tough to balance. Let me take another step. Okay I think I got this.”

I bet you it’s much simpler than that.

The baby doesn’t think, they just do. There’s no thinking about past experience or future success, just doing.  When my little soon-to-be one year old is trying to walk, she’s just focused on doing.  Nothing else in the world matters.

This is what makes children so special.

They have a strong purpose.  They’re curious and playful, tinkering and trying to figure things out.

So what can we learn from babies about our own fitness? Don’t think about it, just do what Nike says and just do it.

As I was writing this blog post, I found this Ted Talk titled: What do Baby’s Think? I’ll probably write about later this week after I watch it.




Some final thoughts and quotes:

Each action I take, the braver I get.

Each action I take outside of my comfort zone, the more I expand what’s possible for me.

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