Refuse To Feed Fear With Time


I shot 31 videos for my YouTube channel today! It was pretty exhausting, but super fun. I made a deadlift series and a kettlebell series. My previous video series was on the bench press and in case you’re interested here’s the first video on How to Bench Press Correctly.

I’ll still be making random nutrition videos like the one I did on Intermittent Fasting.

Let me pick up where I left off.

I left off with how babies think (they don’t they just do)

Do what?

Refuse To Feed Fear With Time

do not feed the fears

Hesitation is another way to express indecisiveness. That’s what you’re doing when you’re feeding fear.   You’re building your fear by giving it your most valuable asset: Time.

“You can always make more money but you can’t get more time.” –Jim Rohn

How often are we in any real physical danger? It’s pretty rare, unless you’re a peace officer or part of the military (the only exception I can think of).

If you’re not the exception, I will bet almost anything that fear is crippling your success.  Thinking too much about doing something is just hesitation and more indecisiveness.  Action is how you build confidence to crush fear.

Failure is how you succeed.  Fail more.  When you’re taking massive action, you “Get lucky” and gather momentum.

You make progressive steps to get to higher levels.

You eventually fail again, but the difference is you’re still much better than you were.  Failing and missing my 600lbs deadlift attempt got me to 573lbs.

Each day put one foot in front of the other and keep going even if you it hurts and even if you’re scared.  It’ the only to accomplish the important goals in your life.

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