Writing With No Purpose

Imagine if everything you did had a purpose.

It probably does most of the time, but is it ever okay to not have one?

I’ll go ahead and argue that most of us don’t have a purpose.

At least, not the purpose we think it does.

That’s why hard training is an important part of life; it gives you simple purpose.

99% of the stuff we do each day are a combination or routine and obligations. It is what it is.

I write this blog post with the purpose of training my mind and body to write. It’s rarely ever easy because there is no purpose.

I mean, there’s no simple purpose.

Because the reality is that I’m writing for you, my audience.

However, I’m also writing for me.

Again, in so many ways, it’s why we do anything. We do things for us and we do things for others.

We all want to be happy and a good laugh is always fun. Let’s not forget drama, because after all, without drama life is boring.

If you’re always happy, trust me it will get boring.

Or maybe a better way of saying this is that if it’s easy to always be happy, then life is boring.