8 Traits of Successful People and the Art of Asking

As I write this I’m sitting on my couch at home trying to think over the nursery rhymes being played on the youtube on my phone.

And.. I can’t concentrate on what to think and write about.  I watched 2 really good ted talks


One titled: The Art of Asking by Amada Palmer

Another great one that I’ll write briefly about is called 8 Traits of Successful people.

  • Passion for what you do
  • Work really hard
  • Focus on One Thing
  • Push yourself
  • Come up with good ideas
  • Improve yourself and what you do
  • Serve others
  • Persist, because there is no overnight success

The video about asking is really great because Amanda gives her entire being and it’s impossible not feel what she feels. A great talk.

The 8 traits of successful people is immediately applicable, because you can just see which one you’re not doing and work on that.

For me, it’s focus on one thing.  It’s funny because I just bought a book called the one thing yesterday and I watched this video on my commute home today.

So simple, yet so difficult to follow.

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