Growing Pains Breakthrough

The simplest and easiest way to get good at something is obvious.

It’s misleading to say easiest because easiest does not mean easy.

Effort requires energy and energy is finite….

You cannot be the best at everything.

To have a chance to be the ‘very best’ ..

or as Seth Godin says “the best in the world,”

You must focus on that thing..

Work on it and keep doing it every day..

Practice, Practice, Practice.

If you do this you have a chance to get better. If you make mistakes, you can learn from them to find better ways to get better practice in.

Reps and sets, reps and sets, reps and sets

You are waiting for it to get difficult ..

and when it gets difficult,

That’s where the breakthrough happens…

“The night is darkest before the dawn..”

When you start to suck, when things get tough,

When you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place ..

Embrace it and push through it…

You know you’re at that point when it gets boring…..

When it feels like there is no progress..

Then boom… breakthrough.

breakthrough wall

In fact, the breakthrough is there – you and I just sometimes fail to see it.

Then you begin again the next day, to work on the things that matter..

You reach a new level of “suck.”

But that’s okay, because that’s where we all grow

In all those awkward moments of *what seems like failure* is nothing more than growing pains.

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