The Morning Magic Monday Reset

Hey how’s it going? Yesterday I wrote about Dumbo’s Magic Feather I received while waiting in line at Disneyland with my my kids.

If you’re not familiar with the story here’s the a one sentence summary [Spoiler Alert]

What the Disney Dumbo Story is about:

Dumbo is an elephant that can fly if he has his magic feather, but later learns that he doesn’t need the magic feather.


Because I day dream a lot, I had this thought about the symbolism of Dumbo’s Magic feather.  In many social situations, alcohol is often used as a “magic feather” (I know I was guilty of using it).

Monday is a Magic Feather for a lot of people.  I know the analogy is a bit of a stretch, but many of us behave in a way  that if we don’t get on track on Monday with our diet and exercise, we feel like it’s okay to have a free pass until next Monday.

I got a good name for it, the Monday Reset.  Wait until Monday to get back on track with all your fitness goals.  Of course that doesn’t make any sense.

But maybe you need a magic feather for motivation. I know that when I wear my hat backwards it can help me lift more weight.

Coffee is definitely my Magic Feather.

The Magic Feather idea is a presentation of a routine you must to perform your best.

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