The Wrong Kind of Flexibility

Today I’m going to talk about metabolism.

To be really specific: metabolic inflexibility

What this means is your ability to have a metabolism that can shift gears when necessary.

Why is this important?

Another way to view this is your ability to use other fuels when you’re low on carbs.

What other fuels you may ask?

Fats & Proteins.

This is why you get hungry even if you’re overweight.

When you think about it, if you’re at least 50lbs overweight, you have a lot of “food” on your body already.

When trying to get lean, you must teach your body to become metabolically flexible.

One simple way to do this is…

Not Eat. I’ll talk More in tomorrow’s email



And the end of all my daily emails I post  new workout for you to try. I title each series differently, but this workout was something I actually did on the day I sent this email out.


Not In Shape Enough To Do Workout #1
20 Degree Incline Sprints on treadmill
6 sets total
:30 @ 8.0 mph
:30 @ 9.0 mph
:30 @ 9.0 mph
:30 @ 8.0 mph
:30 @ 7.0 mph
:30 @ 7.0 mph
10 reps x 5 sets
Incline Crunch Sit up
15 reps x 10