The Bigger the Goal The Bigger The Adversity

“The bigger the dream the bigger the adversity.” –Lewis Howes

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are too small.” – Richard Branson


Note: this post has more grammatical errors than usual, so forgive me.



I got a pretty important workshop coming this weekend.  Kinda last minute business trip / Disneyland plans.  I have a good feeling that this is going to change my life.  I’ve been to events like this in the past but I had a different mindset.

I was so focused on learning.

And it was great, but nothing beats doing.  Or as Anthony Robbins put it,

“Take Massive Action.”

And that’s what my mindset is this time, taking massive action. I have been these past few months since I join a coaching group.

Ready, FIRE, Aim.

I was listening to The Art of Charm, where Jordan, the host, interviewed Lewis Howes, a lifestyle entrepreneur about his new book.

The School of Greatness

Isn’t that an awesome title for a book?

Who doesn’t want to be great?

The reality is that no one wants to be average and although striving to be above average is good, it’s not great.

——— Everybody needs to pee, stop typing —

family drive to los angeles


I don’t even know why I’m trying to write in a car of 6 people. Elle has sticky fingers from pancakes (not my idea) and I need to figure out how to drink my coffee while my Naomi drives.

Where was I?

Yes, being average.  Don’t be average.  Adult dreams die too quickly and I refuse to ever grow up. I’m going to be a kid and dream big.

Funny story, I had this goal when I was 9 years old to beat Nolan Ryan’s strikeout record.  I was telling a client about it and it was worth a great laugh.  It’s unrealistic, but the thought is interesting.

As kids we are literally limitless.  And I’m afraid for what’s to come when my kids become teenagers, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

I just remember being a kid, I think about my son’s age now, promising to myself that I would never forget how it feels to be a kid. I’m 33 now and hope to hold onto that sense.

Children Fear is Excitement Usually

Kids have a tendency to get over excited.  I’m pretty sure that’s what makes them awesome.  It’s a raw emotion.  Everything is new and as a parent you get to see all the new stuff through their eyes.

To witness the experience of your kids’ first time at cool stuff (like going to Disneyland) is pretty freaking cool.

That’s where adversity comes in. All big goals are set with lots of challenges. The bigger the goal, the bigger the challenge…

sunset - family drive to la 2

But if you think like a kid, the goal is so big and important that it pulls you forward.  You don’t think about failure; you don’t think about missing a shot – you just go.  You do. You don’t let the world tell you otherwise.


Because you’re having fun.

Even if it’s difficult, the challenge and fun of it keeps you going.

Okay we’re at grapevine right now, ears are plugged and I’m freaking out.

End 9:58am