The #1 Fear

I’m going to a break talking about fasting and instead talk about my new location today…

So I’m in Irvine, California.  I survived the drive up down here from the bay area. Wrote a quick blog post about it in case you’d like to see some photos I took.

Nervous, but overall pretty excited.

I’m not much for social events, but it’s important to recognize when you need help.

and I need help.


But then I found out a lot of these people are no different than me.  We are all afraid and scared of similar things.

Everybody is afraid of the same thing.

And can you guess what that one thing is?


The one thing is: acceptance.

We are afraid of not being accepted.

I guess you can say it’s rejection we’re all afraid of, but I don’t like to put that way because it’s a phrase that’s so overused that it’s lost meaning.

It’s very much like saying, “I’m going to lose weight.”
vs  instead saying ” I’m going to transform my body.”

Almost everybody needs to lose weight but to say you’re going to transform it is not only bolder, it’s worthwhile.

Everybody is in the same boat. We are all afraid to reach further to achieve a bigger  goal and humongous dream.

but it’s okay, everybody else is afraid also.

I’ve shared about my social anxiety and I won today. I met Rick, Ben, Tom, Brian, James, Shawna and Kenny.

I was nervous and had a few awkward moments of silence, but I made some good personal connections.

I got a lot in store for tomorrow.  Today wasn’t even the seminar, it was just the night before the workshop.

Today’s lesson is about Fear.

and the thing I want you to think about is  how well do you know yourself. What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid of it?

So many people are afraid to try and lose weight, go on a diet or exercise program for fear that they won’t have the will power to follow through.

It’s okay to be afraid – just know why you’re afraid.

Then Understand later.