Seeds of Failure, Conquer Self Doubt

failure-is-a-word-not-a-personIt just takes one thought.

A single thought of doubt that begins the waterfall of failure.

Actually it’s more complicated than that. It’s really inaction that guarantees failure.  It’s a matter of perspective.  Have you ever done a barbell snatch?  On almost all technical levels, your first barbell snatch is a failure.


How about your first time driving? Lots of mistakes, lots of imperfections.

barbell snatch Snatch

Imperfect action.

I never understood it until this very moment. Failure is the only way you can succeed.  There is no other way. You have to seriously **** some ***** up to accomplish some amazing stuff.

Try talking. Try walking for the first time.  I watch my little Eleanor crawl, climb and walk.  She falls and gets back up.  She talks.  She tries to anyway.  To me, she says the same word every time.  “da.”  Which could mean, me or his brother or the front door.

The better you get at something, the harder it will become to get better because everything gets harder.  It’s like going to level 1 to level 2 to level 3 then getting stuck at level 4.  Working your ass off, you spend what seems like forever until you get to level 5.

Everyone wants to quit when things get too hard. Everyone wants to quit when results aren’t instant.  Everyone wants microwave results. The true riches of value, wealth, prestige and accomplishment go to those who are willing to wait and stick things through.

That’s why it’s important you’re doing what you love (or at least enjoy).

It’s important that the end point be the not the only reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Believe in magic.  Have faith.  Pray. Seriously.

If not the power of faith, believe in the power of you.  Believe that what you’re doing is what’s in your heart and as long as you’re being true to who you’re becoming. It’s how you stop the seed of failure.

Self doubt is the seed of failure. It has the power to stop you and doom you to a life of mediocrity.  Doubting that you can be better is one of the worst things you can do. It’s the worst thing you can think.

When that seed of failure, Self doubt, whispers in your mind….you can be like CT Fletcher and say something like this….

“Self, mutha F***ing self, shut the f*** up.  I command you to shut the F**** up.  I’m succeeding, end of story mutha f****.”