Learn by doing – Building up to an important goal


action quote

Almost everything in our life is an experience.  Can’t learn how to paint from a book.  Can’t learn how to sell from a class.  You can only learn by doing

Improving one’s body has everything to do with doing.  Learn by doing.


Many times when people are asked to set a goal, lots of things happen.  Many thoughts have much to do with no being sure.

“I don’t know what goal to set.”

It’s a common misconception that the goal you set is the last goal you’ll ever set.  Well, maybe people don’t always think that way, but when it’s your goal, it’s easy to get to wrapped up into the small little details.

Think about what you want, then really go for it.  It’s that simple.  You set a goal too big, work your ass of then miss.  Set a goal too small, work your ass off then over shoot it.  It’s not that you set the goal, it’s that you go and f***ing do something about what you want to achieve.

Action is always the most important first step.  Massive action as Anthony Robbins often says in his seminars.

Set an achievable goal, take massive action then adjust along the way.  You can’t make adjustments if you don’t do something.  Set a target, then go do something about it.

As you quest to make way towards your fitness goal, you’ll figure out some ways that work really well and you’ll figure out some ways that don’t.  It’s all a process and it’s all journey. It’s a journey towards being a better version of yourself.  Or as Elliott Hulse says, a Stronger Version of Yourself.

In my quest to Deadlift 500lbs, I learned that I could quickly deadlift 315lbs easily.  Then learned that 365lbs was a sticking point for form break down.  I went and learned some stuff about my technique along the way, refined it and implemented new stuff.  Now 405lbs is considered a light weight to dead lift. My new form break down point is around 455-465lbs for multiple reps.

I rest and recover, then re-evaluate my programing.  I bought a book on powerlifting programing, the cube method by Brandon Lilly.  Got some new insights and view points on how to approach my goals.

I learned by doing.

It’s important that you don’t pick a goal that’s boring, unmotivating and meaningless.  Like lose 10 pounds.  These goals do have meeting, but they seldom offer any real long term success for most people.

For the majority of us trying to get lean and lose body fat, we all know it’s mostly about the food, however many half-ass it in their workouts.  Half assed nutrition compliance and half assed workouts.  It might be turning out that your 10, 20 or 30 pound weight loss target isn’t very motivating. At least, it’s not motivating enough.

Run faster, jump higher, get stronger and live better.  Feel better about yourself. Look better naked.

Attach something specific and tangible to these ideal.
Here are some examples:
1.) run a mile in under 10 minutes, or run 3 miles in under 28 minutes
-this is very specific and has a hard number

2.) Box jump 24″ with 100% confidence
-confidence is a measurement you will only know. You can either clear 24″ with or without hesitation

3.) Instead of saying Lose 10lbs of body fat, choose a goal to eat 2 servings of vegetables everyday, eat 2 lean pieces of meat and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Make it so that the goal you set is broken down into small bits that much more easily accomplished. You really can’t fathom 10lbs of weight loss if you don’t eat vegetables or set things up in your house hold so you eat the right kind of meals.

Here’s the main takeaway, do something to move yourself closer to your goal. So something right now and do something to help set you up to do better tomorrow.