Real Blogging and some thoughts about Grit

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I’m a multitask-aholic.  I must have some mild form of ADHD.  It’s a good excuse for why it was so hard for me to well in school.  I’m glad I managed to figure things out in the real world. I’m far from perfect, but I’m moving along the right path.  At least for the first time in my I feel I am where I am suppose to be.

I was listening to the Social Triggers Podcast and Derek mentioned this character trait that predicts likely hood of success in people (especially kids):


Which means, passion and perseverance towards long term goals.

This came from a TED talk given by Angel Lee Duckworth. A great video worth watching.

The willingness to not quit about what your passions and stick it through the long term to get to closer to your goal. My take on this idea of building grit to improve learning in kids is to tap into what my son Ender loves.  As his 6 year old self it is mostly Minecraft.  I use that creative eagerness to build by playing with him.

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