There is a enough time in the day if You’re focused

focusedI’m convinced that there is a enough time in the day to accomplish what you set for yourself.  The main problem is really weather or not we’re in the mood to do it.  It’s just a matter of motivation.

If I could just get motivated, i could i would do…..  [ fill in the blank]

Who thinks like that anyway?  It seems like only comic and cartoon characters do this stuff.  Internal dialogue.

Now I’m starting to understand why people pay me to be their personal trainer.  It would be great to have a coach to motivate me to clean my office, organize my clothes, practice public speaking and write more.

It would be great if I could out source my life.Well, not really.

People hire a personal trainer for many different reasons, one major aspect is to force them to do what they won’t do themselves.  Exercise and push themselves.  The other aspect is having the time.  Allocating time that is predetermined for exercise.

The time in which you have free to workout, isn’t always going to be when you want to workout.  So you pay someone to keep you on track, even if you’re not inclined to do so.

I wish I had something more valuable to write about, but I got nothing left.

I did make a video on staying focused, so maybe you’ll like some of my ideas there.