I invite you to set a 30 goal and work side by side with me. Intro to 30 & 7

What is 30 & 7


30 & 7 is a basic framework for setting fitness goals.  You have 7 days to figure out what it is you want to achieve within 30 day time span.  After you set a solid target to shoot for, at the end of the 7 days we start working towards that 30 day personal challenge.

Most interaction takes place by an email and on the Fat loss with friends facebook wall.  It’s up to you on how much you want to interact with me or the group.

It’s quite too often that we forget the basics of making progress.  Setting a target and working our asses off to hit that target.

Ideally, the target you set fits into your overall long term health and fitness goal, but some people are not quite there yet.  Some people can’t see the forest before the trees. So instead of explaining the purpose of the forest, lets focus on one tree, Then maybe we can get you to focus on the bigger picture of the future.

Success is measured by the rules you set for yourself.  It’s been my experience that people set ambitious goals that are near unrealistic to attain or they set no rules and let themselves go.

The purpose of this 30/7 project is to help bring a balanced approach to making progress in your health and fitness. There are no rules to this project other than the ones you place on yourself.  Ultimately, the project is your body and your mind.  It’s up to you decide for yourself what you will and will not do.

Here’s an example.

I set a goal in the last 30 days to squat 335lbs x 8 reps, deadlift 365lbs for 8 reps and bench press 265lbs for 8 reps.  I busted my ass to get as close as possible.  I hit my deadlift target but missed my bench press and squat target.  I wrote about it on this blog post.

Now I have 7 days to “take a break.”  I’m giving myself a chance to downshift to a slower gear  or park in neutral.  During this period I will keep working towards my goal or maybe drop my intensity depending on how I’m doing things.

During that 7 days, I’ll reflect and decide on some appropriate goals for the next 30 day “sprint.”

I’m inviting you to join me.

Today is day 1 of 7, on the 13th of November starts a new 30 day period.  Sign up for my email list by entering your information in the form below if you’d like to join me.