Keep going

Keep going.

Whatever it is that is moving you in a positive direction.

Keep doing it.

About 90% of anything is doing.

And as you do, you learn.  You make mistakes and make adjustments.  You make some success and then make adjustments.  If there is one thing I’ve mastered it is doing the workout thing. Being consistent with making small incremental progress.

Maybe you can say its excitement or motivation to get better.

It’s really just a habit. I’ve been working on my deadlift and getting stronger. It’s a motivating exercise for me because it’s one the few movements I’ve been able to make consistent progress in month after month.

You need to find your “deadlift.”

It’s been a single driving motivator for me.  Find something for you that motivates you to keep moving forward.  You can analyze things all you want and you can rationalize until the cows come home, it doesn’t matter.

Most people just need focus. Focus focus focus.