My TRX & Kettlebell Workout

Here was my quick personal 40 minute workout today. I’m still a bit deconditioned, so this is a great “get back into things” workout that isn’t killer but still challenging.

Warm-Up: 1000m Row@ 4:00

TRX Push-ups
x 15 x 5
TRX Rows
x 15 x 5
TRX Plank
x :30 x 3
TRX Pikes
x 15 x 3
TRX 1-Leg Squat
x 15 x 3
TRX Squats
x 20  x 3

Kettlebells Swings
20kg x 20 x 3
Kettlebell Double Clean & Press
20kg x 6 x 3

(picture displayed is TRX suspended plank)




Here’s a workout with just kettlebells