Recap of Ryan’s Strength Goals over the past 30 days.

Here were my goals for the 30/7:

“By November 6th 2013, bench press 265lbs for 8 reps, Squat 335lbs for 8 reps and Deadlift 365 for 8 reps.”

My results on my Deadlift have been impressive.  I finally hit a 500lbs Deadlift for the first time.  I did 505lbs for 2 reps (video link). I actually did hit 365lbs for 8 reps with a 1 inch deficit, I’m quite proud of this.  I recorded this too!

I had to take a break from bench pressing heavy because of some rotator cuff shoulder impingement.  But my best lift for 7 reps was with 255lbs (which is somewhere on my youtube channel) and I was able to do do 3 sets of 5 reps with 275lbs. (video)

Squats is a whole different animal.  I was able to rep out 3 reps at 335lbs and do 8 reps at 315lbs, but I’m finding the heavier I go my form degrades.  Technique and form will vary depending on how stiff I am that day.  My biggest challenge with the squat have been my elbows.  Elbow pain because of having tight shoulder and chest muscles that mess with how I rack the bar on my back.  My goal will probably be to rebuild my squat and really focus on flexibility.  This means I may need to scrap heavy squatting for a month.