What the heck does Vitamin D do?

I always feel the best content to read is stuff that my friends on facebook read.  In all honesty, the only news I read is from facebook and twitter.  The same goes for fitness articles.  There a few names I’m a huge fan of that I trust and follow.  Sometimes I goggled something that’s valuable that I want to share it.

Most recently I’ve been suffering from this head cold/flu and it’s been lingering.  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had a “cold.”  I’ve been sick by food positioning or some random bug, but never “the common cold.”  So I googled “how long should a cold last,” and I came across this great article by Dr. Mercola.  I use to read mercola’s stuff, but stopped because he was always trying to sell you something with pop up boxes.

I understand that we all got to make a living, but his website got too spammy, but now it’s not.  Great content, click on the link right below to read the article.

===>A Simple, Inexpensive Trick to Cure a Cold

It reminded me that I needed to get some vitamin D as well up my dosage on my omega-3 fish oil.

Coincidently, I heard the same reiteration of the important of vitamin D on the Joe Rogan podcast with Robb Wolf.  If you’re a paleo diet fan or just like fitness geek infomation mixed some comedy you ought to give this podcast episode a listen.

Also, while I was eating lunch, I wanted to get some more content on Vitamin D, and I came across this great video on youtube with Dr. OZ. This video summarizes the importance of vitamin D.