Clear Goals: Six Pack Bikini Body

Few people know exactly what they want. The ones that do are almost always happier. Having goals and sense of purpose is what gives us focus. Running a business, going to school, raising a family and having a job provide clear goals for that focus.

Fat loss and getting to that nice lean body you’ve always wanted is a goal. Getting a ripped six pack is more specific. Achieving a sub 10% body fat is goal with much more clarity.

Being clear and focus won’t be enough.

Reasons must drive you. What is your why to getting to that six pack?

For the most part, many people don’t have to achieve washboard abs to be healthy. Most of the time, having a photo shoot physique isn’t in the cards for everyone’s genetics year round.

I’ve lost a ton of weight and I’ve helped many people achieve their fat loss goals, those that were successful came to me with a very big and important reason. If you have a burning desire for a six pack, don’t tread lightly on the goal. For most people, the goal will have to consume every aspect of your life.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but understand that your perfect bikini body isn’t going to come without some dealings with the devil.


I’m just kidding.

In total seriousness, the six pack goal will be the air you breath and the food you eat (literally). You’ll have to think about it 24/7 to stay on track. Breena Martinez  , a fellow personal trainer athlete makes her Pro Olympia Bikini Debut this September 2015.

I see her everyday and she breaths this stuff. It’s on her mind 24/7, she’s focused and she determined. She’s running her personal training business, she coaching others, she’s building her personal brand – nothing will get in her way.

Go Sabrina!

I’m definitely rooting for her.

It’s inspiring to me as she inspires many others by demonstrating her dedication and sacrifice. Everyone admires and loves those kinds of people. She’s a great example of focus.

At one point in my life, it was something I aspired to do. I don’t anymore primarily because process of what it takes to get there doesn’t interest me. It doesn’t get me excited.

What excites you about your fat loss goal?

That’s how you find clarity. Although much of the great things we want to accomplish are inherently difficult, the process and steps necessary have to be something you satisfaction from. Powerlifting excites me because the process is although painful, dangerous and sometimes sketchy – there’s something about the process that brings me to life.

What brings you to life?

What will achieving six pack abs and an amazing bikini body do for you? For most people, its achievement isn’t worth it – but the challenge to get you there will be. It’s not about achieving it, it’s about what you journey to discipline yourself to get there.