Let’s Face it, Weight Loss is Difficult

[mini rant]

Let’s face it, weight loss is difficult.  There will be times where you will get a very quick loss in weight in a single week, but usually after, that weight loss slows and then almost eventually stops.  It’s nearly impossible to keep losing more than 3 pounds per week.  Heck, it’s hard to lose a single pound in a week sometimes.  You have to realize that any quick drop in weight is usually mostly due loss in water.  Of course some of that weight is fat, but if you lose 7-10lbs in a week it’s because you dropped a lot of water.

If you want to keep losing weight at such fast rate, you have to realize that it just isn’t possible.

Anyone that tries sell you on weight loss being easy is bullshitting you (and trying to get you to buy something).

The only circumstance where weight loss is very fast is because you’re already very fat.  When I say fat, I mean 50+ pounds overweight.

What about those people in magazines and commercials that have had an amazing transformation in a short period of time? Under most circumstances those advertisements are very much exaggerated.

Weight loss in a nutshell is hard work.  You have to watch your caloric intake, eat according to your goal and consider your specific circumstance.  You have to bust your ass and stay disciplined to get results.

Yes, sometimes it’s easier for some and harder for others – but face it, it is work.  Even if you get a personal trainer, it’s still going to be a lot of work.  Personally for me, the Carb Nite Solution and Carb Backloading have been working well, but it’s still not easy.  When you’re trying to reach a level of leanness you haven’t been in a while, it’s simply going to take some time.

So make sure you’re doing all the right things and stay discipline with those things.  The results will come.