Attitude, Anger and Bitterness

I love humor, but I like mostly sarcastic humor. An almost demeaning kind of humor. The type of joking the pisses off my wife.
This is how I pre-qualify my close friends, if you can stand me, then it proves to me that you want to be around.

Of course, this isn’t the type of manners that can be used in most business situations.

This picture has nothing to do with this blog post

This picture has nothing to do with this blog post

I’m a sarcastic cynic that tends to be negative. It’s terrible I know. But that’s the whole idea behind writing this blog post.  I’m attempting to change. Of course, not change into something I’m not, but more so to be someone that sees the best in people without being angry and bitter.

It is my belief that most people that have a negative attitude are holding a grudge or resentment towards something not going the way it should in their life.  A type of jealousy maybe.

Super positive people that I don’t really know get on my nerves and I think they get on my nerves because I’m bitter and angry about not being happy as them.  I quietly justify it to myself by claiming that I’m a realist and I’m pragmatic.

In truth, I’m just bitter.

A lot of what I’m writing here would be hard for me to say out loud.  I guess that’s the magic of writing.  Written words have a different effect than the spoken word. Because I’m writing/typing, there’s more feeling because I’m using my body.  I’m being kinesthetic.

Not matter how crappy my attitude might seem, people who really know me know I’m coming from a good place.  In truth, I really think I act the way I do so that I keep people at arms length.

But lets get back to to this positive attitude thing.

Seeing the best in people allows you to see the best in yourself.  I didn’t understand this until recently.

A positive attitude is nothing more than a positive outlook of how things could be.  This is what makes sports so simple for a lot of athletes.  Having a winning attitude so that you win the game by defeating the other team.

Just win.

I just thought this was cool chipotle sign

I just thought this was cool chipotle sign

At the highest level of competition, most of the battle occurs in solitude. We almost always get a back what we give. Elliot Hulse has said in many of his videos, the world is a mirror.  And when we give negativity, we get negativity back.

So is it so simple to just project positivity? Yes it is that simple.  The challenge for myself is to be genuine.  Maybe I’ll write about that tomorrow.