Fix Forward Head Posture Exercises Upper back Stretch 2

For today’s exercise, we go head on to try to fix those tight muscles caused by day to day forward head position.
Fix Forward Head Posture Exercises Upper back Stretch 2

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                                                                     First Position                                                                         


Last Position


Unlike the previous video, we will be using a ball rather than an elastic band to help aid us in our exercise. Also, before we begin our exercise, we must first understand that the intention of this routine is to open and relax the upper torso line. Note, this exercise is rather aggressive to the non-weightlifters but promising if you can tolerate the pain.

To begin, lay flat on the ground with your knees tuck in and your feet place relaxed on the floor. Place the ball right in between the shoulder blade. Focus on trying to position the ball on one side of your upper back. For the exercise to be effective, you must hug your arms (cross your arms and point your elbows to the ceiling) so that your shoulder blades could spread apart. After which, you would need to arch back on to the floor till you feel some pressure. If you want to create additional pressure, you are free to raise your hips above the ground.

Once you have the position down, you can begin the exercise by replicating the crunch motion. Basically, raise your upper back above the ground and slowly bring it down.