The Harder I work, the More I live

“The Harder I work, the More I live.” George Bernard Shaw

I read this from a Zen Pencils Comic Strip, issue 191: A Heroic Life . It was the one I was reading to my kids for their bedtime story.

That line about hard work. It made me think about all that I’m doing.

The “thing” that I’m creating.

It makes me think about what I will leave behind – legacy.

It makes me think about the example I am to my family.

It makes me think about how all the hard work is worth it even if it doesn’t turn into anything.

Hard work is hard work. It’s hustle, it’s effort – but important to me is that it’s a labor of love.

Like deadlifting.

Push ups, pull ups and running – anything where there’s exertion and strain.

It’s not all disgustingly painful – but without some pain, there is no magic.

And it easy to forget how we all live for magic.