Stages of Weight Gain Denial

This doesn’t appy to everybody, but it’s my attempt at humor, mixed with fiction and some true life experience.

Stage 1:

One bad weekend of food indulgeces floods into monday’s lunch with more carbs than usual. It could be a burger, maybe pizza or it’s a sandwhich. It occurs every other day or so but 2-3 weeks go by without really paying attention. For some it’s several months.

Stage 2:

You step on the scale and you think, “oh I didn’t gain that much weight.” So it’s not as bad as you thought you continue to stay “off” diet.

Stage 3:

You look at the Mirror with your shirt off and you angle yourself just right so you don’t look as bad as you would so the lighting in your bathroom hits you just right. Purposely trying to find the right “slim angle” in the mirror. Thinking “Its not that bad”

Stage 4:

Okay now, you really feel it. Clothes are a tiny bit tighter and you feel like “blah.” Scale is up a few pounds, but doesn’t reflect how “heavy” you feel. (Or how flabby or soft you feel).

Stage 5:

You mitigate damage by cutting your carb portions down on a few meals during the week, but then by thursday you go out with some friends for lunch and you lack self control. You think, “I’ll start next monday.”

Stage 6:

Maybe you’ve been working out all this time, “sort of.” Getting a little bit of a sweat, but nothing really challenging. Fooling yourself into believing the 1 hour of zumba canceled out the slice of cake you had on the weekend.

Let’s say you’re working out hard, but you find a way to cancel the calories burned and probably more.

Stage 7:

Now you’re officially up 10lbs (or more), and you’re thinking, “okay time to get on a diet.” This is about the time your form fitting clothes that you use to look decent in, feel disgusting.

Hope that was motivating!
thanks for reading!