Mark Bell doesn’t try to be a motivator but he is

I’m a big fan of Mark Bell and really love what he stands for.  He’s about making people strong and has a deep passion about.  His message maybe a bit vulgar or off kilter for some people, but I love this guy, he’s legit.

*viewer discretion advised, there is profanity, you’ve been warned.*

.”..there’s no excuse you still gotta push forward.  The main thing is you gotta follow through.  People are a bunch of <bleep> out there. I’m gonna give it to you straight right now.  People are a bunch of <bleep> <bleep>, people are a bunch of <bleep> and they don’t follow through on <bleep>.  They don’t follow through on any idea they have.  They talk about there dreams and passion before they go to bed they wake up the next day with those hope and dreams deflated before they even drink there first <bleep> cup of milk.  Don’t be that <bleep>.  Don’t be that person….”

“..all this really is a taking a concept and following through on it no matter what anyone else says…”


markbell screen shot