With 15 minutes set on my iPhone, I will attempt to publish a blog post.

That’s the hardest part about getting something out there.  It’s just taking the time to do it.  Being secure and care-free enough to put something out there that is imperfect.  I figure, if I just keep writing, I will keep writing.

I’ll talk about friendship.

My best friend (whose name happens to be also Ryan) flew in from the Philippines.  There was a death in the family and the circumstances were not exactly happy times.  When I heard of his sister passing I couldn’t help but feel shock of how unreal it was. Death is an subject I want to write about, but I don’t feel like writing about that right now.

My best friend who I last saw when i was a junior in high school.  About 15 years ago.  We missed our entire 20’s.  We grew up, built our careers, got married and had families.

When we parted ways as lonely, sad teenage geeks; now it appears that we’re turning out alright.

One of the most interesting thing about our 2 days of hanging out is how familiar we were with each other. We got a chance to watch Ender’s Game the Movie which allowed me to share why I named my son Ender.  And we just chatted about the same stuff.  Philosophy and life.  If there is any one major difference in our conversation that was different than when we were teens was our shared interest in business.

I feel like I just met with him last week for coffee, but that was 15 years ago (and I didn’t drink coffee).

In a lifetime, you will find few friends like this.  People that you really like and feel this comfortable around.  Friends that feel like family don’t come around often. If you have a old best friend you haven’t talk to in a while, reach out and connect.  There’s a good chance you will never find a special person like that again.