The Paradigm shift that is The Theory of Everything and Moneyball

People love to read and I use to love to write. I’m going to try to write something today, hopefully it gets published and if you’re reading this post, it means it’s made the cut.

As each year passes I grow older, and each year I discover how muh little I know. I’m humbled by how deep you can dive into a subject; sub categories that lead to other rabbit holes that just seem never-ending.

My curse is curiosity. When I get excited, the creative gears start to turn in my head.

How can I squat, bench and deadlift more?

How can I improve my work capacity without losing strength?

How can I make an impact in the community I contribute to?

How can I continue to improve as a parent, husband, coach, writer, youtuber etc..?

I recently watched 3 movies this past weekend. Of the three, 2 of them were good. Seventh Son was pretty bad, but watching Moneyball and The Theory of Everything inspired me.


Moneyball is a fascinating story about the Oakland A’s and how the general manager, Billy Bean, changed the way baseball is played and managed. It’s an underdog story about how a team with a low budget competes with other teams with larger budgets. The more money a team has, the better players they can afford for their roster. In short, the Oakland A’s had a budget that was a fraction of other teams but managed a fantastic 2002 season.  They were able to defy all odds on a shoestring budget by viewing the game in a different way.

How does this relate to strength training, fitness and life?

There’s always a way. When the odds are against your success and resources are limited, there’s always a way to view the world that helps move the odds in your favor. When things look abysmal, it takes a paradigm shift – a view that is completely different than the one you currently look at. Not enough time to workout? Not enough time to write? Not enough time to create? Too many obligations to do what you truly love?

There’s always a way if you can dig deep to find the creativity to solve your problem for your situation.

The Theory of Everything is a truly inspiring movie about how a family overcomes all odds. The world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, given the gift of an incredible mind is cursed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), a nervous system that impacts physical function. He was expected to live only 2 years after his diagnosis.

An incredible story of how human beings can accomplish anything with just sheer will.

He can’t walk, can barely talk, can’t write – but still manages to have 3 children, write a best selling book (10 million copies) and make an impact on the world.

Although Stephen Hawking is the great mind of the story, the hero here is his wife.  As her husband’s disease got worse, it became more and more difficult for him to do normal things  like eat and dress himself.  Jane essentially had to take care of Stephen as if he were a child.

The book is based on a novel written by Jane Hawking.  A memoir that covers the turbulent years of her marriage to the astrophysics genius, her traumatic divorce, and their recent reconciliation.

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Without the love of this Jane Hawking there would be no Stephen Hawking.

Human beings are amazing. Inspiration can be found anywhere and when you take a moment to look, obstacles in sports and business are similar to those in creating a life.

Everyone is with their short comings, challenges and disabilities, but there is always a way if you choose to look and find it.