Defeat The “I’m Lazy” Argument Inside You

It’s no secret that everyone wants to succeed.


But how bad do you want it?


I wrote about your fitness success yesterday.  In a nutshell, it was about your emotional bondage to your goal.  Yeah, I just wrote emotional bondage.


How heavy-duty is your conviction to achieving the fitness you want?


I have a friend that I’ve been trying to get on track and his excuse is, “I’m lazy.”  Talk about an iron-clad argument to stop all discussion.


Accepting self-defeat by bagging yourself to guaranteed failure is an effective strategy to nullify all attempts of encouragement from friends and family.


“I know, but I’m just too lazy.”



Better yet, I had someone say to be the other day, “I hate the word diet.”


There’s too much I want to say, but I know it will be ineffective.  So as I write this, I’m trying to figure out the best way to articulate a “get-off-your-butt” method.


I clearly care about who I help, but if a person doesn’t wat to help themselves the best thing is often anger.  I like getting rise out of my friends because they feel something.


So often, the reason why people don’t do anything is because they don’t give a shit.


In truth, I can see right through him or her, they do give shit.


They just haven’t considered another way to flip the victim switch.


You’re going to die!!!


That doesn’t work.


I made personal message on my youtube channel that articulates this.

There’s something inside all of us that’s great.  There’s something amazing inside of you.  If you could only see what I could see.  You’re coal and inside is a diamond.  There are times where that diamond flicker a glint of glimmer.  It’s an untapped power of greatness that your girlfriend sees.  It’s something that you see from time to time, but you suppress it.  Overcoming its containment is challenging because you are afraid.  You’re apprehensive of what will come out, because just like me, you fear being judged.  You fear being viewed negatively.  Rejection.   To not be accepted is the ultimate pain.  It’s not about killing fear, it’s about betting the farm on yourself.

Everything affects everything.

A stronger fit body makes for a strong mind; a more creative mind.

A fit strong body build confidence.

It build conviction into everything you do.

Overcoming fatigue in fitness is succeeding. It’s building resilience. It’s building the most important toughness of all: Mental toughness.

Every day you must do all you can to expose your best self.

When you do this, your best self gets better. It get stronger.

Most of all, your best self will care less about what everyone else thinks.

Because that “thing” you want drives your entire being.

Naysayers, negative thoughts and self doubt get crushed by the singular focus of achieving what you care about most.