Why You Get Sweet Cravings

When you stop eating carbohydrates your blood sugar will drop.  You can eat protein and fat to help keep your blood sugar level, but your body will know what you’re trying to do.  It will say something like…


“Hey give me carbs.”


That’s what a sugar craving is.


This is what makes ultra low carb diets a bad idea for most people.  It takes a significant amount of willpower.


When you drastically reduce your carbs your body will perceive a drop in blood sugar.


Your body does not like that.  It wants to keep everything the same.


So it will make you get a sugar craving and force you to eat.


However, if you don’t eat your body will adjust and start to synthesize carbs from either fat tissue or protein.  This depends on the physical demands that’s placed on the body.


So if you get a mild blood sugar drop and don’t have immediate access to food, your body will figure it out.  In other words, if you’re healthy, you won’t die.


But when push comes to shove and there is an open bag of M&M’s on the table – you will probably lose to a drop in blood sugar.


So if you tough it out you’ll make it.  Cut carbs and lose weight.. or there’s a 3rd option. Learn to use bad carbs to boost your metabolism instead.