The Voice In Your Head That Stops you From

I’m nobody special. I’m just like everyone else. When coming back from a vacation, it’s always difficult get back into routine with workouts. I finished training my Tuesday morning clients, changed into my workout clothes and proceeded to hit the weights.

It felt like drudgery. I remember thinking, “Now I know why people have personal trainers.”

Kudos to me, I showed up ready to workout, but the next challenge was putting in the effort and busting my butt.

After about 15 minutes of training I started to feel better. If I had to rate my effort from a scale from 1 to 10, I’d have to say I put in 6.5; in other words, mediocre.

This is exactly why I believe everybody should workout everyday. Each day builds upon the next, momentum accelerates and after a few days it becomes routine.

These days I’ve been having this little voice in my head that says..

“you have too much to do, skip today’s workout.”

Then my inner personal trainer says,

“You can just do 10 minutes of kettlebell swings. Everybody has time for 10 minutes.”

Then I think,

“man I really don’t want to do kettlebell swings.”

“what about 100 burpees?”

“no thanks.”

“what about a quick 4 minute core workout with Fighter Abs you bought.”

“okay, I can do that.”

I have similar internal dialogue everyday. Sometimes it’s obvious and clear other times it happens below our consciousness.

I did a Fighter Abs Core finisher and then went to hit the weights. (no burpees today)

And as I write this, I’m thinking about my 8 year son and how he needs to get use to working out on his own. I just text’d my wife, Naomi, to have Ender call me when he gets picked up from school so I can remind him.

Your body is an amazing machine and you don’t need any special equipment to workout everyday. You just need to do it, simple as that.

It’s not always easy, but continue being an example for yourself and those around you.

After all, that’s why you’re reading this.







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