Sugar Binge by a Personal Trainer

I’m just like any other normal human being. I love sugar. Everybody loves how it taste and its very addicting (some more than others). You may not be the type that likes sweets, but bread, rice, pasta and other grains fit into the sugar category as well. I’m actually starting to think that highly processed candy is a lesser evil to grains. With candy, I have a much lower threshold of feeling sick.

On the other hand, it takes quite a bit of grains for me to feel sick. I actually feel more bloated than sick after eating grains.

Ever since Halloween, I can’t seem get off this sugar binge. Having a 4 year old child with a bag full of candy isn’t easy to resist. I can’t seem to stop myself from eating so much sweets. It’s a really crappy feeling when you go from “in control” to “out of control.”

Maybe I’m just being too hard on.  Don’t I deserve a treat every now again? Yes and no.

Here’s how I know there is a problem:

It starts by talking myself into eating a small piece or small package like one of those small bite sized packages of whoppers, snickers or M & M’s. Its portion control right? But then, that’s just the first domino, I reach for another and before you know it 2 becomes 3, and 3 become 4 and then you just kinda stop counting.

This pattern has reoccurred probably 7-8 times in the last two weeks. It’s a pretty vicious cycle that can sneak up on you if you don’t pay attention. I can recall sometime this past week of how one piece of candy led to eating this very tasty canister of pastries. It was some sort of crème rolled cookie type treat. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Its 11 days after Halloween and each day is getting worse. I did manage to fit some intermittent good eating days in there, but it’s been an overall failure. I can see how someone can gain weight so quickly if they’re not too careful.  Time is flying so by so quickly and if I continue down this path I will end up gaining 10 pounds in no time.  It’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos of poor eating.

I’ll probably just start a video food journal just so I can get off this damn sugar binge. How does one stop a sugar binge? It’s probably a good idea to throw out all the candy and get it out of the house. Commitment is another one. Just being committed can go a long way. I know if I can just get past the third day it will be much easier.

I have a team BBQ and kids birthday party to go to. I can already tell this is going to be a challenge. If you review what you have planned for the week, you can plan ahead.  Sometimes all the planning you need to do is mental self-talk of staying committed to your goal. A lot of the time, if you prepare your mind to do something and truly commit it’s already done.

Since it’s already done, it’s just a matter of seeing things through to the end. It’s a simple motivation tactic to keep yourself on track towards your target.  The fact that I’m writing this blog holds me accountable.

Should I feel bad? Should I feel guilty?  I hardly do.  The one thing I dislike about this downward spiral is how suboptimal I feel.  I really can’t say I feel like crap, I feel pretty decent.  I just don’t feel amazing.  When I don’t feel amazing I can’t be at my best. I hate that.

I have an article I’m working of other ideas of how to stop the junk food addiction sugar binge.  It’s never easy.  So easy to start, so difficult to stop; the best thing I can do is share my experience to help you realize you’re not the only one with this problem.