Know your food weaknesses, Diet Kryptonite

“The only thing that is constant is change-” Herclitus, Greek Philosopher

There’s no one that knows you better than you. It’s important that you’re constantly trying to improve your relationship with you. Do you have a positive relationship with yourself? Do you treat yourself well?

Just like a marriage, the relationship is constantly evolving.

Much like stock market, there are ups and downs.

In the beginning, life is very volatile; very abrupt ups and downs. Overall, the trend matters the most.

The one thing that makes personal relationships challenging at times is that not everybody is going to agree. People won’t see things the way you see it. As you get older, you begin to accept this better.

But when your passionate about something or in love with someone, that crazy in us still comes out at times.

I wanted to write about self awareness.

With dieting, certain foods are like Kryptonite. They weaken our willpower. Sometimes these comfort foods are fairly easy to resist.

But if you have one bite – bye bye goes the bowl, bag or tub.

That’s why any ice cream with caramel is not allowed in the house. I still have a tub of cookies in cream ice cream in my freezer, and I’ll occasionally have some, but I won’t go ape shit fatty on it and throw the lid away.

Doritos cool ranch and really good tortellini pasta are other foods that I will have tendency to overeat uncontrollably if I just have a bite. I always tell clients that if you can eat just one cookie, you can still lose weight and be okay.

food kryptonite pizza ice cream


The problem is that you can’t just eat one, so for most people, it’s all about abstinence.

You should know yourself well enough that certain foods, certain people and certain environments lead to certain behaviors with your eating behavior.

Health behavior really.

This is why I exercise everyday, no off days for me, just light days. It’s so easy for me to get depressed or just feel low that exercise is the only remedy I’ve been able to find to keep me in a good state of mind. Sometimes it’s not really about getting in a better state of mind, it’s about not getting into a worst state of mind.