Weight Loss Mental Blocks – Finding Motivation

If you really want to know the truth, the whole world is a mental block. Back when I worked for 24 hour fitness, I read a really interesting article by Neal Spruce. It was in one of those company magazines.  He said something along the lines of, it’s weird to stay lean. If you’re staying lean and staying fit, you are part of the minority.

This was a decade a go.

We are doing of our own fatness.

Modern technology has made us more productive than ever. We are multi-task-aholics, getting more done than ever before. I heard this statistic that 90% of the worlds data was created in the last 2 years.

The problem is the amount of energy required to acquire food is so efficient that you can grab all your food out of your car window. It’s possible to do everything you need to do from a seated position.

Need to write a check, use billpay on-line. With email and the Internet  you don’t even have to walk to the mailbox. You can become a millionaire without ever leaving the comfort of your own couch.

My main point is that most people have lifestyles that counteract staying lean.  If staying lean and ripped isn’t your livelihood, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll become overfat.  Now before you start saying that I’m giving reasons you reasons to have excuses, I want you to acknowledge that the deck is stacked against you.

So don’t be so hard on yourself.

Everyone has mental and physical roadblocks when it comes to fitness. From achieving the elusive six pack to just dropping 7 pounds, any type of change is going to be a challenge.

Caloric dense, hyper palatable foods that bypass appetite centers makes eating more calories than we burn too easy. In fact, you don’t even have to try these days.

Unblocking Weight loss blocks

Motivation doesn’t come from some magical kitten unicorn butterfly fairy that bestows motivational fairy dust to get you going.









Motivation is a habit. Weight loss is a habit. Staying lean and fit is a habit. Being strong is a habit.

Setting goals, pushing yourself and feeling good about yourself is a habit. When you have a mental block, you’re essentially feeling the weight of your negative self talk which results in negative feelings which feeds your lesser self.

A mental block is negative self talk. It’s when you say mean stuff to yourself. You tell yourself things you can’t or shouldn’t do. You give yourself reasons for why you can’t accomplish it. Not enough time, not enough family support, not enough will power and an overall lack of self confidence.

It creates a negative feedback loop where your self talk causes you to do nothing. The doing nothing makes you feel terrible about yourself and the cycle is never ending.

Until the cycle is broken.

Breaking Through The Negative Block

I’ve experienced my fair share of depression and overall lack of self worth.  Nothing can beat it better than doing something and taking action. Getting your butt in gear and move!  It’s not always easy, but do some push ups or go for a walk, run if you can.  If you’re in a deep negative state, look for a positive messsage somewhere.  Tony Robbin’s Ted Talk has always been my go to.  Instagram is a huge source of motivation for people.  Another great source is youtube.  Find a voice of value to help motivate you.  Elliot Hulse’s destroy self doubt video has always been another go to for me.

Most of the time, we just need safe human contact. Call or message a friend.  Connection is one of the reasons why I write and create youtube videos.  It is my outlet for either airing out negativity and forming connections.

I can rarely go a day without working out, because otherwise all my thoughts come caving in which have a tendency to tear me to bits.  Hard workouts and focused intense weight lifting allows me to focus on something else.  Most of the time, that’s all we need – a focus on something else more important than our self centered thoughts.  Almost all the time it is our own selfishness that blocks us.

Focus on others in some positive manner and I promise you’ll feel better.