Aspiring Fitness Youtube Content Creators, a Small Channel’s Blog post

Building a YouTube channel has always been an interest of mine. For quite sometime I’ve always been interested in video production. It’s one of those things in high school I wish I had a chance study.

Brandon Campbell was one the first Fitness Youtuber’s I got a chance to exchange messages with about building a channel. His advice to me was to keep working on my content and improving it. It got me thinking about what type of audience I wanted to build and attract. At the time he had about 50,000 subscribers and I came across Brandon’s Video about how much money you can make on youtube.

If there is any one big takeaway that I got from that video, it’s that I wasn’t going to become a millionaire making youtube content. In fact, it’s almost impossible to make a full time income from adsense without having a million subscribers.

This was back in November 2013 when I had about 300 subscribers with about 200k views.

As I write this, I now have 3,605 with 808k views.
subsribers 7-8-2015

That’s a 1200% growth in 18 months. This equates to 342% annual growth or a 29% monthly growth rate.

I like numbers and they help motivate me. Although the percentages are high, I’m still an awfully small channel.

So the good news is that I’m growing and making great progress.
channel growth

The bad news is that it feels really slow.

I’ve watched Chelsea Lifts, Maxx Chewning and Jonny Candito make some serious exponential growth.

Chelsea Lifts 26k to 150k + Subscribers in 19 months

Chelsea Lifts 8k to 75k  Subscribers in 19 months, Great job Chelsea!

From my youtube viewing lens, I saw Chelsea get her first shout out from Jason Blaha’s now defunct Ice Cream Fitness who now runs JuggernautFitnessTV.  She later teamed up with Big Js Extreme Fitness and did a collab with Beast Mode Jones of Physiques of Greatness.


Maxx Chewning Subscriber Growth 8k to 100K+ in 19 months!

Maxx Chewning Subscriber Growth 8k to 100K+ in 19 months!I started following Maxx Chewning because of the 405lbs rep deadlift challenge.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from Maxx, it’s that he’s confident, clear and very relaxed when he talks in front of the camera.

27k to 160K+ subscriber growth in 19 months

27k to 160K+ subscriber growth in 19 months

Johnnie Candito is probably the first youtuber to provide high quality content that connects with a younger audience.

I’m not leaving out Mark Bell, but that’s the reason why I think he’s grown so quickly.

The other fact is that he has some of the best instructional videos on youtube.

I think for a lot of people, myself included, identify with Candito Training HQ Because of age.

I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help but feel a little jealous. In truth I am happy for them – their hard work is paying off. A combination of time and effort spent on honing their content for their selected audience is working for them.

The other reason why I’m happy for them is that their is hope for me.  I’ve seen someone do it, that means I can do it too.

It’s not much different than losing weight or building strength.  It’s a process that’s going to take time.

From everything I’ve learned up until this point, it’s about connecting with your audience and building value. Become a person of value and add value to the audience you’re trying to help.  The hardest part is choosing that audience?  Who is your audience?

My audience has yet to be defined.  I guess my main channel is mostly powerlifting and strength training enthusiast.  This blog is really meant for fat loss and nutrition.  I’m still trying to figure it out.

I’ll write more on this subject in the future, but this is one of those rare posts.  If you find it useful, please share it, it helps me out a lot.  Tag on facebook or twitter the people mentioned here. I’m terrible about promoting my own stuff for the fear of coming off as spammy.

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