Earn your carbs

Is sugar really that evil?

Do carbohydrates really make you fat?

Yes they do. They do if you eat too much of them.  My issue with carbs has more to do with being sedentary.  It’s easier to gain weight on carbs for most people because they’re very easy to eat.  The amount you eat of something has strong correlation to how good it tastes.  Most carbohydrates are a type of food that you’re most likely to eat even if you’re not hungry.

Processed foods (which are usually mostly carbs) have an ability to bypass appetite signals. You can eat more of these foods even if you’re not hungry. Just as I mentioned in knowing your food weaknesses,  you can’t always have one.

The reasons why carbs are evil is because people are too sedentary.  If you don’t exercise everyday, you don’t move enough to justify eating that granola bar. That’s not to say that a granola bar is unhealthy, it’s more that the likelihood of eating a little more than you burn becomes more probable.

Food ends up being a commercial in our lives, especially on the weekend.

We use food to fill time and we use food for entertainment (Drinking too).

So why not make daily intermissions as a way to exercise?  Do some squats, push ups and sit ups.  Hell, do some burpees.  I know it sounds crazy, but earn your carbs so that that bowl of ice cream or slice cake doesn’t stick to your ribs.