What Role Does Fitness Play in Cancer Treatment?


exercise ball shoulder pressEven with cancer, there are still so many ways for you to improve the quality of
your life on a daily basis. Many people who are diagnosed with mesothelioma or
another rare cancer think that their lives are over because of their diagnosis. The
problem with this type of thinking is that it hinders your mental state and possibly
your body’s natural ability to heal itself. If you think that you’re going to remain very
sick and maintain a negative attitude, your body will probably respond in a similar
depressed manner. Fitness and diet play a crucial role in how you feel and how well
you respond to traditional cancer treatment.

Eating healthier and getting more exercise will definitely not cure your cancer. What
exercise and healthy eating can do for a cancer patient is to help their body become
more energized and for weakened immune systems to become stronger bit by bit.
As a cancer patient, your immune system is already weakened and you need to take
the proper steps necessary to ensure that this vital role is energized by exercise and

The types of exercises you do and the types of foods you eat solely depend on your
health and your doctor’s recommendations. Your doctor might already have you on
a strict diet, so you should avoid making changes without first asking for permission.
Many diets specifically set for cancer patients need to be followed because they are
vital for your overall health. When it comes to exercising, you need to think about
starting off slowly and doing lighter workouts that will help energize your body. You
should never feel overly exhausted after a workout because this is actually going to
hurt your body over a period of time.

As always, speak with a licensed healthcare professional before you do anything
that could be detrimental to your health and well-being. The key reasons to diet and
exercise while dealing with cancer are to improve your health rather than destroy
it. Considering the dozens of benefits exercise and healthy eating have, you will
begin to understand why so many cancer patients have started living healthier lives
in order to get the most out of their treatments. Whether you exercise daily or just
enough to get out of bed in the morning, you are still doing something positive that
will have beneficial effects.


Guest Blog Post written by Melanie Bowen

Melanie is currently a Master’s student with a passion that stems from her
grandmother’s cancer diagnosis. She often highlights the great benefits of
alternative nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those diagnosed
with cancer or other serious illness.  In her spare time, you can find Melanie
trying new vegan recipes, on her yoga mat, or spending time with her family.