The Diet

Here’s the diet that helped one person in our Fat Loss with Friends group lose 100lbs in 4 months. Check out the results page on an old blog post.

Nothing here is rocket science. Just lots of discipline.  I’ve said and written this diet out a million times for people, but it seems that this version seems to mean the make the most sense to people for following directions.

This post was originally posted on my unorganized blog back in 2011. 


Here is what you’re NOT ALLOWED to eat.

– No Grains: includes Corn, rice, bread, pasta and tortillas. Don’t eat anything containing wheat, gluten or soy

– Fruit is limited to 1 piece 100- 200 calorie serving every other day

– Dairy is allowed only once a week, 200-400 calorie serving (Example: ice cream, yogurt, cheese)

– Nothing sweet is allowed or it’s very limited: sugar, candies and
diet cokes and candies. If you have to have something sweet eat a
piece of fruit.

– White Potatoes are not to be eaten

– Sweet potatoes and yams are to be eaten on a limited basis.
typically only on the days you workout

– You can have one cup of cooked beans a day

– Alcohol consumption is allowed and limited to hard alcohol,
unsweetened drink. Absolutely no beer.

– Sauces and dressing: use sparingly or not at all. NO SUGAR, NOTHING SWEET.

– Nuts: limited to a 1/4 of a cup a day


Here is what you CAN EAT nearly unlimited amounts, please use good
judgment or ask questions.

– Meat: Chicken, eggs, beef, fish,pork etc. I recommend having at least 1 gram per pound of body weight.  If you’re 200lbs that roughly comes out to 28 ounces of a lean meat

– Green Vegetables: Celery, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, bell peppers, squash etc.


Guidelines and other notes

– Don’t be afraid of eating fat, but don’t stuff your face.

– Use good judgement

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– If you deviate from the plan you are cheating and allow your
competitors the opportunity to do better than you.

– If you deviate from the plan, you are cheating. Know that you’re
cheating, and just cheat but try to control the damage. (e.g. don’t
eat an entire cheese cake, pizza or try to finish a jar of peanut


FAQ – Frequently Asked questions

Q: Can I follow my own diet that I’ve done before?
A: Yes, but you most likely lose to someone who is following what my
recommendations are.

Q: What should I do for exercise?
A: I will be posting videos on stuff to do, but in general keep things
light to moderate. If you workout too hard you will either get hurt,
burned out or feel like crap. Your weight loss is dependent primary on
HOW YOU LIVE, and that equates primarily to how much quality sleep you
get and what you eat. But 80% of your efforts into those 2 things
will yield you the most results. Exercising 1-2 hours a day 4-6 days
a week is a speck of time when you compare it to sleep and nutrition.

Q: How many calories should I eat?
A: It ‘ALMOST’ doesn’t matter. But if you want to be neurotic about
it, multiply your weight by 11, that will give you a general idea.



I highly doubt you’ve made it this far, but if you happen to be reading this, thanks for reading the whole thing.  This isn’t rocket science and it’s all just the same stuff packaged. You can call it a “new atkins” or paleo diet or south beach or whatever; it’s a low carb diet.  That’s really all it is.  If you stay away from junk food (processed food), eat lots of vegetables, control your sugar intake and exercise you will lose body fat.  If it’s not happening fast enough for you, you’re just being impatient.

I’m beginning to realize that you have to trick people into following a diet by getting excited about something “new.”  Nothing is new. It’s all the same stuff.  The only time that really applies to being “new” is to those that have made significant progress in their fitness like in sports performance.