Kelly Starret is a Superhero

Kelly Starret Mobility Wod Supple Leopard book

It all started a google search about hip impingement which led me to Kelly Starret’s San Francisco Crossfit You tube channel, from that video a whole new world was opened up to me about the human body. It was love at first sight, call it bromance.


It is his passion about human performance that made me become an mobility wod addict.

I’ve watched literally, hundreds of mwod videos. I think I’ve watched almost every single one. Kstar’s knowledge and humor motivate people to “stretch.”  It’s more than than just stretching, it’s about mobilizing for purpose, position and function.   He’s helped me find many answers about my back and hip problems.

It’s because of the mobility wod that I’m now able to do a full squat below parallel.

It’s because of Kelly Starret I’m was able to PR Deadlift 425lbs pain free.

As a personal trainer and fitness coach I’m able to communicate better with clients for how to improve their movement.  There’s ton of science out there, and lots of knowledge people – the significant thing about Kelly his delivery of the information is the best.

I’ve been coaching people since 2001.  I’m certified through National Academy of sports medicine and hold specialization certs in Performance and Corrective exercise.  I do a ton of reading, research and podcast listening when it comes to improving the human body. Kstar’s Mobility WOD has been the most impactful and revolutionary thing I’ve learned to improve my career to help myself and others.

Do you love helping others through fitness to fix their problems?  Eliminate and minimize backpain, improve stregnth and make progress?  Although I haven’t received it yet (I pre-ordered it), I know it’s good.  If you’re a coach, I promise you this will be on the best investments you make – do yourself a favor and buy Supple Leopard.
External Rotation, Torque and position are new words I’ve added to my vocabulary when coaching clients.

You have a moment and want to listen to Kelly Starret talk about the book, check out this interview with Mehdi of Stronglifts.

Lastly, he offers tons of free information on his website and his you tube channel.

Just wanted to thank you Kelly and I really hope that you make the New York Best Seller’s list.