Sunday Post: A Personal Trainer’s Personal Fitness

It is Sunday, and today I’m putting an end to my Sugar Binge. I’ve been wanting to post for a few days, but my perfectionism has ended me up with 10 unfinished articles that I need to complete.

Since April 2011 I’ve been following a sort of Paleo style Atkins diet. It has done real well for me and has helped to give me a brand new perspective on health, nutrition and exercise. However, since Halloween, I’ve been eating horrible for the past 13 days. This effectively ended a 7 month streak on the paleo diet.

This blog post is suppose to signify my commitment to getting back on track. I don’t plan on being perfect, but I plan to be reasonable. After catching a mild flu at the end of October I took a week off of working out. I was “taking a break.” It was reasonable at the time, but my natural OCD has got me backsliding too far the wrong direction (for both working out and eating). So now, I’m going back to working out 5-6 days a week but because I’ve been short on time lately I’m going to keep all my workouts 30-45 minutes in length

I’m also doing a video blog post on my nutrition to help hold myself accountable and I will post later. Stay tuned for more good stuff. I have a really good blog post coming up on this sugar binge. I have a pretty cool article on some strategies too, it’s all coming soon.