Precision Nutrition Chapter 1 Review: Cell Structure and Function

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Chapter 1 Summary 

Cell Structure and Function

1.) Trillions of cells of the human body work together  to form tissues, organs and organ systems.  The total of all of the activities taking place in these systems is what most people refer to as metabolism.2.) There are many levels of organization in the body, from microscopic atoms up to fully functional organisms.  Each level is necessary for optimal functioning of the next.

3.) The food we eat interacts with the small chemical reactions and processes taking place in our cells.  This interaction, especially with our genetic material, determines our health.

4.) Food affects our health in four ways: it provides energy; it provides metabolic co-factors; it’s incorporated into body structures; and it influences chemicals such as hormones and neurotransmitters.

5.) Our organelles, which reside within our cells, convert food into ATP and make proteins.

6.) Our genetic information directs protein-making signals.  Our food can affect these signals as well as quality of proteins that are made.

7.) Enzymes and co-enzymes are compounds necessary for nearly every every cellular process in the body.  Enzymes help reactions occur.