New Year’s Resolution – Get a head start on your goals for 2012

Seminar Hosted by Ryan Saplan & Shad Arias

Download the PDF version 12-31-11 Seminar – New Years Resolution -Notes

Calorie intake -Find out your daily Calorie Need
Track your food – Write down everything you eat
Protein intake – 0.5-0.8g per pound of body weight, 144g for 180lbs person, 1oz = 7g
No sugar – Eliminate it
Vegetable intake – Green leafy vegetables help provide high nutrition with satiety

Focus on intensity vs duration
Rate of perceived exertion
10  Max Effort: Can’t talk, almost impossible
9    Very Hard: Very difficult to maintain intensity, single words
7-8 Vigorous: on the verge of becoming uncomfortable
4-6 Moderate: Feels like you can exercise for hours, breathing heavily
1    Very Light: anything other than sleeping

Interval training 30/30

30 seconds at a level 8-10

30 seconds at a level 3-5

10 Rounds = 10 minutes of interval training
This is equivalent to doing 30 minutes of cardio at 4-6 intensity level

Prevent muscle loss – for long term results, muscle burns fat
Improve rate of recovery – You get better during rest
Fills holes in diet – nutrition without calories.  Get more of what you need without extra calories
Multi vitamin
Fish oil

Resistance training
Lift heavy weights
No such thing as spot reduction – Focus on large muscle groups, they burn the most calories
Posture is the most important thing when lifting weights
Muscle imbalances lead to injury – Teach everyone why hip flexor lunge stretch and explain why

Get Help
-Get a Coach for accountability
-Get a Coach for education
-Find a program and/or coach that works for you, your lifestyle and schedule.
Do it your self
-Research online: learn how the body works
-Examples: how to get better at push ups, pulls ups, squats, etc.
-Try to stay away from searching for “how to lose weight, how to flatten stomach, fastest way     to lose weight.”  People are just trying to sell you stuff.
Do both
-No one cares more about your fitness more than you