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The Thing I learned: It Changed Everything

“All I’ve ever wanted to do was fit in.” As a kid growing up,   I was amazed by how other students were able to get good grades.   For the life of me I was a terrible speller and if you’re on my email list you know that I have my fair share of […]

Ryan’s 12 Rules To Live By

How bad can it be? I’m afraid to put this on paper… But then I thought, what’s the worst thing that can happen? In yesterday’s email I talked about how structure creates freedom. It may or may not be something you agree with (and trust me a part of me is still fighting idea). But […]

Writing With No Purpose

Imagine if everything you did had a purpose. It probably does most of the time, but is it ever okay to not have one? I’ll go ahead and argue that most of us don’t have a purpose. At least, not the purpose we think it does. That’s why hard training is an important part of […]